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"Meet the need, plant the seed and provide

fertile ground for growth & development."



Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ declares that we are a people that believe in the totality of God, His omnipresence, His omnipotence, and His omniscience and that we will love God by obeying His word, for we believe that all scripture is given by inspiration of God. Therefore, we declare that we will strive to live a holy and sanctified life for He commanded us to “be ye holy, for I am holy”;


We declare that we will be responsible for our individual spiritual journey through fasting, prayer, worship and the study of God’s word, while being accountable one to another, because we believe that we are our brother’s keeper and we declare that “No saint will be left behind”;


We the members declare that Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ will provide hope for the hopeless, love for the unlovable and faith for the faithless;


We declare that we are one body with many members and each member has a purpose and adds value, therefore we will connect in love and work together until each purpose is fulfilled;


We declare that we will not only “greet” one another with love but we will “treat” one another with love “…for he that loveth not, knoweth not God…”


We declare that we will be about “city” missions by partnering with agencies and organizations that assist the less fortunate by volunteering our time, giving of our resources and our finances until the time that we can become an independent resource;


We declare that we will support “foreign” missions by financially partnering with other
ministries that are called to the nations;


We declare that each member of the Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ will be responsible for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, the reason for His birth, His death and His resurrection;


We declare that the Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ will be a place whereby men, women, youth and children will be able to grow naturally, spiritually, develop mentally, emotionally and financially;

For we declare that we are about the building of God’s Kingdom and the uplifting of God’s people!


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