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Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ (PPC) opened their doors at 11:30am on Sunday,
November 2nd 2008 for the very first time and has not looked back.


God said to “Meet the need, Plant the seed, and Provide fertile ground for growth and
development”, and with His help and guidance we set out to do just that.


Meeting the Need

December 2008:

We were able to bless 7 families with Walmart gift cards for the holidays.


July 2009:

We had our first outdoor service and concert at Wade Walker Park, where we gave free food and clothes to those in need.   December, we hit the streets and distributed blankets, socks, hygiene bags and food to the homeless.


September 2010:

We took one Sunday Morning Worship Services outdoors, this time ministering one-on-one sharing the love of Jesus and again giving away free clothes and food.

And since 2011 we have continued our outdoors clothes distribution and have partnered with United Way in their “Shoe Box Project” for Women and Children.


Planting the Seed


In January of 2009 we started Bible Study and embarked on our very first Corporate Fast. 


Friday night Prayer was instituted in January 2012.


God has used Pastor Jackson to bring forth life changing messages such as: “Are You Seeking?”; Is Anyone Thirsty?”; and “Come and See” to name a few and through the teaching, and preaching of the Word of God many souls are being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. At a minimum three times a year Pastor reminds us that our goal is to be 100% Holy Ghost filled!


Growth & Development


In March of 2009 we began our Married Couples Ministry.  We have grown to include the Youth Ministry and Singles Ministry.  In 2012, we instituted our Leadership Training Program. And in April 2013 we rolled out a monthly “Men’s Forum” where the men come out, eat and “rap with Pastor J” about whatever is on their hearts and mind.


October 2013, we hosted our very first Prophetic Workshop facilitated by Prophetess Hope Eady.  This was the first of six modules which was conducted once a quarter until completed. 


The Lord has placed His seal of approval on the Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ for we at PPC believe wholeheartedly that “this is a place where God resides.”


Again, God has been faithful and Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ is moving forward; focused on fulfilling the Purpose God has ordained for us!



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